Information to Russian citizens

Here you will find information to Russian citizens about, among other things, returning home after your residence permit or visa expires, as well as about the processing of applications from Russian citizens.

Published: 28.02.2022 - Last changed: 07.03.2022

If you are in Norway and cannot access your money due to sanctions against Russia, UDI cannot assist you with this. You must contact the Russian embassy.

If you are in Russia and want to travel to Norway

No sanctions have been imposed that affect the ability of Russian citizens to get visas to Norway. From 19 March 2022, Norway will withdraw some simplified procedures for visa permits for a specific group of Russian citizens. You will find an overview of which groups this applies to here. Please note that this does not apply to private individuals applying for a visitor's visa to Norway.

Even if you hold a visitor's visa or a residence permit, it might be difficult for you to travel to Norway due to cancelled flights. UDI cannot assist you with travelling to Norway. 

If you are a Russian citizen living in Ukraine and want to apply for protection (asylum) in Norway, you can read more here.

If you are in Norway and your visa or temporary residence permit is about to expire

The EU and Norway are closing the airspace to Russian aircraft. This means that many flights to Russia will be cancelled. If you have a residence permit or a visitor's visa that expires, you may have problems returning home due to cancelled flights. You must keep the documentation that shows that you have tried to return home. You can document this with your flight ticket and confirmations from the airline that the flight has been cancelled. You must go home as soon as possible and find alternative ways to travel if you cannot take a flight. 

Russian citizens with renewable residence permits can apply for renewal and have their applications processed in the usual way.

If you have a permanent residence permit in Norway or you want to apply for Norwegian citizenship

There are no changes in the regulations and no political signals from the Norwegian authorities that indicate any changes for Russian citizens with a permanent residence permit. If you have a permanent residence permit, you keep it according to the ordinary rules.

You can apply for Norwegian citizenship if you meet the conditions and want to apply. Norwegian authorities allow dual citizenship. As the situation is now, the war does not affect the status of Russian citizens who are in Norway.

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