Information for Russian nationals

Information for Russian nationals about residence permits, visitor visas and protection (asylum).

Travel out of Russia

  • I am in Russia, where can I deliver my application?

  • How can I leave Russia now?

  • I must leave Russia, can I apply for a visitor’s visa to Norway?

  • What does it mean for me, whos now applying for a visitor visa, that Norway's visa facilitation agreement with Russia has been cancelled?

  • I am a Russian citizen and wish to apply for a visa to Norway from a country other than Russia. Is that possible?

  • I want to travel to Norway with my Russian-registered passenger car. What are the rules or restrictions I should know about?

Family immigration

Residence permit for work

Already in Norway

Protection (asylum)

  • How can I apply for protection in Norway?

  • Can I apply for protection in Norway now?

  • Can I submit an application for protection (asylum) in Russia?

  • I have applied for protection in Norway. What will happen now?

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