Visitor's visa (visit and holiday)

If you have not heard anything about your case, it has not been processed yet. We have many cases to process now, unfortunately affecting our waiting times. This also leads to more people calling UDIs information service desk.

The waiting period applies from the day the case is registered with the embassy. In some places, it can take up to two weeks from the time the case is sent from the VFS application centre to the embassy receiving it. If an embassy in another country processes your application, it will take a few extra days because the courier must send your application to and from the embassy. You can find information on the embassy's website about how long this takes.

How long do you usually have to wait for an answer?

If your application is processed by the embassy in the country you live in,
you will normally receive an answer within 15 days after handing in your application at the Visa Application Centre, the consulate or the embassy.

If your application is processed by an embassy in another country, this will take a few more days, since your application will be sent by courier to and from the embassy. You’ll find information on the embassy’s web pages on how long this will take.

Which applications will it take longer before receives a reply?

Most cases are processed by the embassy, but if the embassy is in doubt about whether you can be granted a visa, they will forward your case to the UDI. In such cases, applicants will receive an answer within 45 days after the application is registered at the embassy.

Note that it will take a couple of days from when the case is delivered to the application center, consulate or embassy until it is registered at the embassy. The waiting time applies from the day the application is registered with the embassy.

Appeals concerning rejections

You will normally receive an answer to your appeal within 12 months of submitting your application for a visitor's visa to the Visa Application Centre, embassy or consulate.

In connection with the corona situation and the opening of the borders, UDI has been given several tasks that must be prioritised. The waiting time may therefore change and get longer while your appeal is being processed. Here you can read what can make the waiting time change and how you can stay up to date.

This information was last updated on 

25 May 2023

. It will be updated again on 

21 June

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