The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s (UDI) privacy declaration

UDI processes personal data that we need in order to consider immigration cases and carry out our other tasks.

When we ‘process personal data’, it means, for example, that we collect data, register them, combine them, store them or disclose them.

UDI is obliged to process your personal data in a lawful and secure way. This page describes how we process your personal data and what your rights are as a person registered in our systems.

  • 1. Why do we process your personal data?

  • 2. What are the legal grounds for processing your personal data?

  • 3. Where do we obtain the data from?

  • 4. What personal data do we process?

  • 5. Where do we register your personal information?

  • 6. When can we decide a case automatically?

  • 7. Who has access to your personal data?

  • 8. How do we look after your personal data?

  • 9. Who do we disclose your personal data to?

  • 10. How long do we store your personal data for?

  • 11. Who is the data controller?

  • 14. How can you contact the UDI Data Protection Officer ?

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