Norway's visa facilitation agreement with Russia

As of 22 September 2022, Norway’s visa facilitation agreement with Russia has been suspended temporarily.

Published: 18.03.2022 - Last changed: 22.09.2022

This means that Russian nationals are also subject to the standard rules regarding documentation, multiple-entry visas, fees and case-processing times. The simplified rules set out in the visa facilitation agreement will not apply for as long as the agreement remains suspended.

The following have been suspended:

  • easing of documentation requirements
  • issuance of multiple-entry visas
  • fee exemption or reduced application fee
  • reduced case-processing time
  • visa-free entry when holding a diplomatic passport

Fee for applications registered before 22 September

If you registered your application prior to 22 September and have paid EUR 35 you may submit your application as late as 6 October 2022. 

If you submit your application on 7 October or later, you will be required to pay the standard visa-application fee of EUR 80 (EUR 40 for children 6–11 years of age). In order to pay the standard fee, you will have to register a new visa application. You will be reimbursed for your previous fee payment if you attach confirmation of fee payment (with the reference number) from your first application together with the documentation you include with your new application. No fee is required for children five years of age or younger, and they do not need to register a new application.

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