Applying to be released from Norwegian citizenship

You can apply to be released from your Norwegian citizenship in three different situations:

  • If you are living abroad and you are required to be released from your Norwegian citizenship in order to be granted citizenship in another country. 
  • You live abroad and are a citizen of another country. 
    • It is not enough that you are registered as having emigrated from Norway, you must intend to remain abroad. You do not have to live in the country in which you are a citizen.
  • You live in Norway, are a citizen of another country, and it would be unreasonable to refuse to release you.
    • Such applications are only granted in exceptional circumstances. You must state why it would be unreasonable to reject your application. For example, wanting to avoid the obligations that follow from being a Norwegian citizen is not a valid reason.

How to apply

There is no special application form. It is enough that you write a letter to UDI. You must document that you meet one of the three requirements for being released from your Norwegian citizenship.

If you live abroad, you must show up at the nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate general (external website) to deliver the letter. If you live in Norway, you must show up at the police to deliver the letter.

Releasing children from their Norwegian citizenship

Children do not automatically lose their Norwegian citizenship if their parents are released from theirs. It is also possible to apply for children to be released from their Norwegian citizenship, regardless of the child's age or whether the parents apply at the same time.

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