Provide your fingerprints and facial photograph (biometrics)

When you visit a police station or foreign service mission to hand in your application for a residence permit, travel document or visa, you must also provide your fingerprints and photograph of your face if you are a citizen of a country outside EU/EEA.

When you apply for a residence permit, you must provide an electronic signature to be stored in the Register of Foreign Nationals along with your fingerprints and facial photograph. 

Biometrics are physical characteristics that are unique to you. Together with other identity-related details, we use biometrics to confirm your identity. 

Below is an overview of the biometrics that you are required to provide to the police or at a foreign service mission, based on application type and age. 

What do we do with your fingerprints and facial image (biometrics)? 

When we receive your fingerprints and facial photograph, we will store them in the Register of Foreign Nationals. Once your fingerprints and photo have been saved, the police or the foreign affairs station can check the register to see if you are already registered there. Then the personal information and biometrics stored are available for use after your case has been processed. For example, in many instances, the police can order a residence card for you without you having to return to the police station. When a decision on your case has been reached, you will be sent a decision letter informing you whether or not you must appear at the police station again. 

Overview of requirements for biometric characteristics for various applications

  • Residence card

  • Visa

  • Asylum

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