Sexual minorities

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons have the same rights as everyone else in Norway and can live openly. It is prohibited to discriminate, harass and threaten them because they belong to a sexual minority.

Who are considered sexual minorities? 

  • Gay men: men who are attracted to other men
  • Lesbians: women who are attracted to other women
  • Bisexuals: men or women who are attracted to both men and women
  • Transgender persons: Persons whose appearance or identity differ from the sex they were born with.

The rights of sexual minorities

In Norway, it is illegal to discriminate people on grounds of:

  • sexual orientation (if you are attracted to men or women or both)
  • gender identity (which gender you identify with)
  • gender expression (how you express your gender identity, for example through clothes, hairstyle, make-up or body language)

If you are a victim of violence for such reasons, the perpetrator will be punished more severely.

Since 1993, Norwegian women and men have had the opportunity to enter into a registered partnership with a person of the same sex. Since 2009, same-sex marriage has been legal in Norway. This means that same-sex spouses and cohabitants can apply for family immigration in the same way as other couples.

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