Financial guarantee in family immigration cases

In some family immigration cases you may provide a financial guarantee. That means taking on the financial responsibility for the person coming to Norway.

If you

  • have a stepchild that is moving to Norway, or
  • have a parent-in-law who is moving to Norway or is visiting Norway for up to nine months

and your spouse or cohabitant does not have enough income, you may provide a financial guarantee in their case.

How much must you earn?

In order to provide a financial guarantee, you must have a total income of at least 

NOK 334 876 per year pre-tax

 before taxes. It must be probable that you are going to have this income for at least another year. You may later be asked to document that you had this income the first year your family member was in Norway.

If you are going to provide a financial guarantee, you cannot add together your own income and the income of your spouse or cohabitant in order to fulfil the income requirement– you must fulfil the requirement on your own.

What types of income are approved?

These types of income count towards the requirement:

  • income from employment
  • sickness benefit, pregnancy benefit, parental support, disability benefit or retirement pension from the National Insurance scheme
  • other permanent pensions or periodical benefits (insurance payments or similar)
  • introduction benefit for newly arrived immigrants
  • loans or grants received in connection with studies

You who provide a financial guarantee may have one or more of these types of income, as long as they add up to at least 

NOK 334 876 per year pre-tax

 before taxes. You may for example have a disability benefit of NOK 210 000 per year and an income from employment of NOK 120 000 per year.

These types of income do not count towards the requirement:

  • financial assistance from NAV (økonomisk sosialhjelp)
  • housing support
  • unemployment benefit and work assessment allowance
  • any benefits you receive because you have children
  • own funds (money in an account)

It is not always possible to provide a financial guarantee

It is not possible for you to provide a financial guarantee in a case where someone is going to move to their spouse, cohabitant or fiancé in Norway. In these cases, the spouse, cohabitant or fiancé who lives in Norway must fulfil the income requirement him- or herself.

In order to provide a financial guarantee, you need to fill in this form. (pdf, 706 kB) You do not need a stamp from the police on the form. 

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