Children in the care of child welfare services

A child who is in the care of Norway's child welfare services (barnevernet) and is not an unaccompanied minor asylum seeker can apply for residence in Norway on the grounds of strong humanitarian considerations.

How to apply

As a general rule, it is the person or persons with parental responsibility for the child who must sign the application. In most cases, this will be one or both of the child’s parents.

If the parents are unable to sign the application, child welfare services may sign it. In such case, child welfare services must also submit a written statement explaining why the parents are unable to sign the application.

Which documents must be enclosed with the application?

  • passport – copy of all used pages (not necessary if the child is born in Norway)
  • birth certificate
  • care order issued by one of the County Social Welfare Boards (Barneverns- og helsenemnder)
  • statement from child welfare services on the current care situation
  • if applicable, a written explanation for why one or more of these documents cannot be submitted

The child and the person(s) with parental responsibility must go to the police to submit the signed application and all the documentation.

How to submit the application?

Alternatively, the child welfare service may accompany the child. If child welfare services accompanies the child, they must also submit a written explanation for why the parents are unable to attend.  

Contact the local police directly to schedule an appointment to submit the application.

Does the child need a passport?

If the child is unable to obtain a passport from their country of origin, they may apply for an immigrant’s passport from the Norwegian authorities. Child welfare services may apply for a passport on the child’s behalf.

See the conditions for applying for an immigrant’s passport

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