Access to UDI's mail journal

UDI's case documents are public unless exemptions are provided by law or pursuant to laws. Therefore, everyone can request access to the public content of documents in a specific case.

If a case document contains confidential information, we must reject requests for access to this information. Since many immigration cases concern personal matters that are subject to a duty of confidentiality, UDI will often exempt entire documents from access.

For more information, see the guidelines regarding right of access to documents in the circular from the Directorate of Immigration (eternal website) (external website).

How to gain access 

UDI uses the eInnsyn portal (external website), which lets you search in our mail journal yourself.

We joined this system on 8 April 2011. If you are looking for letters and documents from before that date, you contact to request access. 

You can also send the request by post to:

The Directorate of Immigration
Postboks 2098 Vika
NO-0125 Oslo

Other rules apply to access to individual cases 

If you give your email address, we can send you the documents by email. In that case, it will normally not take more than three working days to be granted access.

If you wish to appeal

If your request is rejected, UDI must state the legal authority on which the rejection is based. You must also be informed about your right to appeal and the deadline for appealing.

UDI will assess whether your appeal can be granted or whether to forward it to the Ministry that is the appeal body. If we uphold the rejection, we will prepare the case and forward it to the appropriate Ministry.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security is the appeal body for cases that fall under the Immigration Act. 

The Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion is the appeal body for cases that fall under the Norwegian Nationality Act. 

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