Information for registered Ukrainians

Secondary migration and future prospects among Ukrainian refugees in Europe  

The research foundation Fafo (Institute for Labour and Social Research) is conducting a research project on Ukrainian refugees in Europe and Norway, commissioned by the UDI. The project examines the current situation of Ukrainians in different European countries such as: Where in the Ukraine do they come from and what are their thoughts about remaining in the country they are in. The findings from this project will be used for analyses that can be used to support policy development and research articles.  

About the use of UDI’s register data in the research project  

Fafo aims to investigate changes in arrival patterns of Ukrainians who apply for temporary collective protection in Norway. This requires access to information about the following: Who applies for collective temporary protection in Norway, from which region of the Ukraine do they come from, gender, marital status, and age.  

To accomplish this, UDI has provided Fafo with pseudonymized data from UDI’s arrival registration system (DUF and START). Pseudonymized data means that Fafo is not given the names or national identification numbers of the Ukrainian refugees, or information about where they are living in Norway. Fafo will not present analyses of individuals, but of groups of several hundred people. The information may however still enable Fafo to indirectly identify individuals in the sample (for example, if they look at date of birth, which city the person comes from and which countries he/she has been in before Norway). Fafo has a duty of confidentiality about the information they have received from UDI. Only the project group of three researchers will have access to the material.  

The collected data will be deleted when the project is completed - no later than the end of 2024.

If you want more information about the project, who has access and how the data is handled, you can read more on Fafo’s website about the project (external website). 

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