Remote work in Norway

If you are planning to work remotely in Norway, you must, as a general rule, have a residence permit that gives you the right to work remotely in Norway.

Published: 30.06.2022

With the exception of EU/EEA citizens, all foreigners working in Norway must have a residence permit that gives them the right to work in Norway. As a general rule, this also applies to remote work when you are in Norway. 

It is considered remote work when you work for a Norwegian or foreign employer off-site (e.g. from a hotel, a home or similar), or with business activities in Norway or abroad.

This implies, for example, that you cannot, as a general rule, work for your employer in your home country while you are in Norway on a visit or holiday.

If you are visiting in Norway, you can still carry out some remote work for your employer abroad or in connection with your own business activities abroad. For example, you can check and answer e-mails, make telephone calls and participate in digital meetings. It is a prerequisite that the remote work is not the main purpose of your stay, and that the remote work does not create value in Norway or is connected to Norway. You cannot perform remote work for an employer or client in Norway, nor can you perform remote work as part of running a business in Norway. 

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