UDI's service declaration You can expect this from us

UDI implements the government’s immigration and refugee policy. UDI processes applications pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Acts and is the responsible agency in the immigration field. Our main channel for information is udi.no.

This is what UDI does

We process applications for

  • assisted return and repatriation
  • protection (asylum)
  • visitor visa
  • family immigration
  • residence permits for work purposes
  • residence permits to study purposes
  • Norwegian citizenship
  • permanent residence permit
  • travel document

We also make decisions on refusal of entry or stay and expulsion. UDI considers the cases that the foreign service and the police do not have the authority to decide, and the cases where it is uncertain whether a residence permit should be granted. As the superior expert body, UDI gives instructions to the police and the foreign missions in immigration cases.

In addition, UDI is responsible for ensuring that all asylum seekers are offered somewhere to stay while waiting for us to process their applications, and for finding good solutions for those who wish to return to their home countries.

The different parts of UDI's service declaration 

  • UDI employees are obliged to

  • You can expect us to

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