UNE and UDI stop returns to Ethiopia

The duty to return voluntarily to Ethiopia after a final refusal has been temporarily suspended until 30 April 2022. This means that no one will be forcibly returned to Ethiopia now.

Published: 01.12.2021

The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) have decided to temporarily suspend the duty to return for persons who have a final decision to return to Ethiopia. The background for this is the uncertainty about the further political and security developments in the country.

Who is covered by the suspension?

The decision applies to both former asylum seekers and persons with a duty to return following the rejection of an application for residence in accordance with other parts of the regulations. This applies to Ethiopian citizens who:

  • have had their application for protection rejected
  • have been expelled from Norway
  • have had their residence permit revoked
  • reside in Norway and has had their application for a residence permit rejected

The suspension generally applies to everyone who is covered. It is not necessary to ask UNE or UDI for a reversal of the decision. We will reassess the return situation by 30 April, and whether the suspension should be extended or lifted.

Dublin cases are not covered

Persons with cases covered by the Dublin III Convention or the First Asylum Rule are not covered by the suspension. They are still to return to the first European country in which they applied for protection.

The police have been notified

The Police Immigration Unit (PU) has been informed that no persons covered by the suspension shall be forcibly deported from Norway.

Read UNE's briefing here (external website).

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