Temporary collective protection for Ukrainians

On Friday 11 March. the Government decided that Norway will provide temporary collective protection to Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainians who have come to Norway will have their application processed faster.

Published: 11.03.2022

The decision to provide temporary collective protection means that the Norwegian Government has decided that Ukrainians who have fled the war need protection. Thus, their applications do not need to be processed individually.

The same applies to persons who have received protection in Ukraine and close family members with another citizenship. The EU decided to provide temporary collective protection earlier this month.

Temporary collective protection has been used twice before. First in connection with the conflicts in Bosnia and later during the war in Kosovo

Ukrainian asylum seekers will avoid a time-consuming individual treatment. The application process will go faster, and it will take less time from they arrive in Norway until they can be settled in a Norwegian municipality. However, the UDI must establish the asylum seekers' identity before issuing a residence permit.

The permit grants protection for a year. The permit does not form the basis for a permanent residence. Temporary collective protection is extendable for up to three years.
After three years, they can obtain a new temporary permit that can form the basis for a permanent residence permit later.

The permit gives rights to health, work and school.

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