Want to apply Information for you who have applied for protection (asylum) in Greece

If you apply for protection (asylum) in Greece, you could get your application processed in another EU / EEA country that voluntarily relocates from Greece.

Who is the relocation programme for?

In Norway, this relocation programme applies to vulnerable Syrian families with children. Other countries in Europe, which also relocate from Greece, may have different conditions.

Can I choose to come to Norway?

If you are accepted in the relocation programme, you can let the Greek authorities know which countries you would prefer to get to. On behalf of the European Commission, EUAA (formerly EASO) decides which country they will propose that you will be relocated to. The Norwegian authorities ultimately determine if you will be relocated to Norway.

If I can come to Norway, what is the next step in the process?

If Norwegian authorities accept that you are to be relocated to Norway, your application for protection will be processed in Norway.

Your travel to Norway will be organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). 

Once you have arrived in Norway, you must apply for protection. Your application will be processed in the same way as if you had come to Norway on your own. Read more about applying for protection (asylum) in Norway here.

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