UNE resumes processing of Sudan cases

UNE resumes processing Sudan cases and the suspension of the duty to return to Sudan is lifted.

Published: 09.11.2023

Updated 13 May 2024: The duty to return to Sudan is no longer suspended, and UDI is now processing applications for protection from Sudanese citizens. UDI is closely monitoring the general security situation, and we are making individual considerations in light of updated country information.

Due to the outbreak of war in Sudan, all cases concerning return to Sudan were put on hold by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) in May 2023. There are still no signs of a peaceful solution to the war in Sudan in the near future. UNE has therefore decided to start processing the Sudan cases again. Here you can read UNE's press release [in Norwegian only] (external website).

Persons with a duty to return can request UNE to have their case reassessed

At the same time, the temporary suspension of the duty to return to Sudan is lifted. This means that people from Sudan whose asylum application or application for other types of residence permits are finally rejected are no longer allowed to stay in Norway.

People from Sudan who have previously had their application for residence permit rejected, but do not have a case pending with UDI or UNE now, can request a reassessment of their application. The applicants can request a reassesment themselves, or through a lawyer or another representative.

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