Information about individual protection

Here you will find information about individual assessment of applications for protection.

When people who have fled Ukraine seek protection in Norway, we first assess whether they are eligible for collective protection. The vast majority receive collective protection.

If you are not eligible for collective protection, we will inform you that your application will be assessed individually. This means that UDI must assess your application according to the ordinary requirements, which apply to all nationalities applying for protection in Norway.

This means that

1) you may be referred to another country according to the Dublin Rules, or Norwegian law, if you have travelled to Norway from a safe country.

2) You may be entitled to protection if you, as an individual,

  • have a well-founded fear of persecution because of ethnicity, descent, colour, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or because of political opinion, or
  • are in real danger of being subjected to the death penalty, torture or other inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment if you must return to your home country.

Application process

  • How will UDI process applications for individual protection?

  • What happens if my application is rejected? Do I have to return to Ukraine?

  • Has UDI started conducting interviews?

  • I have not been granted collective protection, but my family members have. Am I also eligible for collective protection?

  • Why can't all refugees from Ukraine receive collective protection?

  • Is there any way to speed up the application process?

  • Where can I submit documents pertaining to my case?

  • If I apply for a student visa in Canada, will it affect the assessment of my application for protection in Norway?

  • I have not received a response to my application for individual protection. Can I apply for another type of permit from Norway?


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