About the UDI Directors in the UDI

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Frode Forfang
Director General

Frode Forfang (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB) 

Ingeborg Grimsmo
Communications Director


Ingeborg Grimsmo (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Wenche Fone
Director, The Asylum Department


Wenche Fone (high-resolution jpg, 1MB)

Karl Erik Sjøholt
Director, The Managed Migration Department

Karl Erik Sjøholt,  avdelingsdirektør oppholdsavdelingen

Karl Erik Sjøholt (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Kjersti Trøseid
Control Director


Kjersti Trøseid (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Stephan Mo 
Director, Analysis and Development Department

Stephan Mo, avdelingsdirektør analyse- og utviklingsavdelingen

Stephan Mo (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Dag Anders Brunstad
Director, Department of E-Government


Dag Anders Brunstad (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Anne Vibeke Hellandsjø

Anne Vibeke_liten.jpg

Anne Vibeke Hellandsjø (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Borghild Fløtre
Director, The Regional and Reception Department


Borghild Fløtre (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Belén Vinuesa Birkenes
Regional Director, The Western Region Office

Belén Vinuesa Birkenes (high resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Rune Holiløkk Vordahl
Regional Director, The Central Region Office

Rune Holiløkk Vordahl, regiondirektør, regionkontor Midt-Norge

Rune Holiløkk Vordal (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Siv Kjelstrup
Regional Director, The Inland Region Office

Siv Kjelstrup, regiondirektør, regionkontor Indre Østland

Siv Kjelstrup (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Omar Sadiq
Regional Director, The Southern Region Office

Tormod Stavenes, regiondirektør, regionkontor Sør

Omar Sadiq (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


Veronica Mikkelborg
Regional Director, The Northern Region Office


Veronica Mikkelborg (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)


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