New application fee rates from January 2022

From January 2022, the rates of fees that you have to pay UDI when you apply will change. 

Published: 23.12.2021

The change in the fee for citizenship will apply as of 3 January, while all other changes in fees will apply as of 1 January.  

The size of the fees is decided by the parliament and the government. The fees that are changed are listed in the table below.  

Changed fees
Type  of application Fee 2021 Fee 2022
Citizenship 5500,-  6500,- 
Study permit for applicants over the age of 18 (also renewals) 4900,-  5900,- 
Permit for researchers with own funds (also renewals)  4 900,-  5 900,- 
Permanent residence permit for adults  4700,-  3800,- 
Au pair permit (also renewals)  8400,-  9100,- 
Immigrant´s passport and travel document for persons over 18 years  1300,-  2400,- 
Immigrant´s passport and travel document for persons under 18 years   750,-  1200,-

Here you will find an overview of all application fee rates. 

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