Information for applicants currently in Türkiye and Syria who have been affected by the earthquake

UDI has received many enquiries from worried applicants and others who have family members staying in Türkiye or Syria. We are following the situation closely and will continue to update this webpage with new information.

Published: 09.02.2023 - Last changed: 10.02.2023

UDI cannot help anyone to leave Türkiye or Syria

We realise that many of you are trying to help family members to get out of the area. UDI cannot assist anyone in leaving Türkiye or Syria.

General information regarding the prioritisation of applications

As a general rule, we are unable to prioritise applications on the basis of an applicant being in one of the affected areas. If you still wish for your case to be given priority, you must first submit a request for us to do so. If you ask to be given priority, we will assess your case separately and determine whether we can process it at the current time. Assessments are carried out on an ongoing basis. More information about giving priority to applications is available here.


Questions and answers

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