Information about the identity clarification programme for Iraqis

The deadline for participating in the identity clarification programme has now expired.

Published: 13.11.2018 - Last changed: 02.05.2023

Iraqis who have a residence permit in Norway even though there has been doubt about their identity and want to become Norwegian citizens, could until 1 September 2020 apply to participate in an identity clarification programme. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to apply to participate in this programme.


645 people have taken part in the identity clarification programme. So far, 434 people have had their applications for Norwegian citizenship completed. 211 applications remain to be processed. 

We will update this information on the first day of every month.

The government stated on its website (external website) (information only available in Norwegian) on 11 November that it is committed to completing the identity clarification programme as quickly as possible. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security stated that they aim for the identities that remain to be clarified during the first half of 2023. 

Many people contact us and ask about their case

The work on the verifications has taken a long time, and there are therefore many people who contact us and ask about the status and progress of their case. We fully understand that the long waiting time is demanding for you who participate in the programme. We are also aware that it creates practical challenges, including problems with identification, Bank ID and travel abroad. 

Our aim is that most people will have their case processed during the first half of 2023. We apologize that the total waiting time has been long for many people. 

It is not necessary for you to contact us to request an answer, as we cannot give you more information than what you can read here. We will contact you if we need more documents from you or as soon as your case is finished. 

Who could apply to join the programme?

Applicants had to meet all the criteria in the list below to be part of the programme. 

The programme was for you who 

  • are an Iraqi citizen, and 
  • received a residence permit before 31 December 2010 even though we knew there were doubts about your identity, and 
  • have a residence permit on other grounds than the need for protection (asylum), and 
  • are registered in the Kurdish Autonomous Region (KRG) or Kirkuk, and 
  • have an Iraqi ID card showing the family number (either own, father's, brother's or spouse's if the couple is registered as married in the civil registry in KRG or Kirkuk), and 
  • had not yet been granted Norwegian citizenship, and 
  • applied for citizenship no later than 1 September 2020 

It was possible to apply both if you had applied for Norwegian citizenship earlier and gotten a rejection, and if you had not applied for Norwegian citizenship before. 

Information about the programme

  • Who could apply to take part in the programme?

  • Who could not apply to take part in the programme?

  • You cannot leave Norway while you are waiting for your identity to be changed

  • What happens after you have applied?

  • How long must you wait?

  • What consequences will it have for you if your identity is clarified and changed?

  • Have you taken part in the pilot programme?

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