Information for you who are taking part in Norway Cup and need a visa

If you are taking part in the football cup Norway Cup, and need a visa to visit Norway, you must remember to apply in plenty of time.

Published: 03.05.2022

Your team must be enrolled in Norway Cup before you apply for a visa. For more information and registration deadlines, please see the Norway Cup website (external website). Please remember that the players on the team must be in the right age group for the class you are enrolled in at Norway Cup.

When to apply? 

In order to ensure that you will get an answer to your visa applications in time,  you should hand in the application documents at the Visa Application Centre or the embassy at least two months before you are leaving.  Please remember that you might have to wait some time to get an appointment for handing in the application. 

How to apply?

In order to apply, all the participants must fill in an application form and meet in person at a Visa Application Centre or embassy. Please see the UDIs information about the application requirements, how to apply and where to hand in the application in your country. In some countries you will meet at the embassy of another Schengen country.

What documents must you hand in?

On the embassy’s checklists you will find information about what documents to hand in to apply for a visa.

In addition to the documents on the list you must hand in

  • a document which shows the name of the football team and the name and age of all the players, team leaders and coaches
  • a document which shows what league/division your team is playing in or a document which shows which organization (for example the UN) you are supported by
  • invitation letter from Norway Cup
  • for players under the age of 18: birth certificate or another document which shows the names of your father and mother
  • for players under the age of 18: consent from your parents or someone else who have parental responsibility for you. We recommend that you use the UDI’s consent form for Norway Cup (pdf, 518 kB). Please note! This form must be notarized by a notary public. (If it is not possible to get documents notarized by a notary public in your home country, we will make an exception to the requirement for notarization.) You must also hand in copies of the passport of both your parents, or those who have parental responsibility for you.
  • if you are a team leader or coach: a document which shows your role in the team you are travelling with
  • if you are going to be a referee or observer: documents which shows your experience as a referee or observer.

Are any supporters or family members coming with you to Norway? 

Family members and other supporters who whish to travel to Norway in connection with Norway Cup must apply for a visitor’s visa as ordinary tourists. The applications will be processed separately from those of the participants.

Is your team taking part in another tournament in the Schengen area before Norway Cup?

If your football team is going to play in another tournament in the Schengen area before Norway Cup, for example Gothia Cup or Dana Cup, you should apply for a visa to the country you are visiting first. Please remember to ask for a visa for Norway Cup as well.

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