Infection control when entering Norway

Now that more people can travel to Norway, it is essential that everyone is familiar with and follows regulations and recommendations regarding infection control.

Published: 12.06.2020

Many who have been granted a residence permit can travel to Norway now. Follow this link to find an overview of who can go to Norway now.

If you are ill you cannot travel to Norway

Note that if you are ill, you should not travel to Norway now. This means that if you have symptoms of respiratory disease (fever, cough or heavy breathing) you should avoid traveling. You should postpone your journey until after you recover. See information about symptoms of covid-19 on (external website).

When entering Norway you must stay in quarantine

That means you should:

  • stay in your own home or another suitable place of residence for ten days from the day you arrive in Norway
  • follow the advice of the health authorities to keep physical distance from other people, stay home if you are ill, and test yourself if you may have covid-19.
  • follow other advises and restrictions on quarantine from the health authorities in Norway and the government

Get acquainted with the quarantine rules in Norway

If you have questions about quarantine, infection control or exceptions from the quarantine rules, see information from the health authorities at (external website). UDI cannot answer questions about quarantine or infection control.

The deadline for entry still applies

In your decision letter and in the information letter that UDI or UNE sent you when you received your residence permit, you will find a deadline for when you must have entered Norway.

If you cannot enter before the deadline, you must contact UDI and request an extended entry deadline.

For those who need a visa to enter Norway

  • You must obtain an entry visa from the embassy. UDI cannot help you with an entry visa.
  • If you already have an entry visa in your passport, you can enter Norway if it is valid.
  • If the application center (VFS office) you submitted your application is closed, you will not get your entry visa from the embassy now. Although entry into Norway is allowed for you, you must wait until the VFS office opens again so you can obtain an entry visa.
  • For information about whether the VFS office is open or not, see information on the VFS website (external website). You can also get information on the website of the embassy which has accepted your application (external website).
  • Although the VFS office is open, it may still take some time before you get your entry visa, because some foreign service stations still have limited capacity.
  • If the embassy does not have your passport, you must contact the VFS office to submit your passport and request an entry visa (when the VFS office opens again).

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