You must hand in these documents with your application for a residence permit (Immigration Act section 42) Checklist for family immigration with a parent who holds a residence permit for work purposes


The applicant is the person who wishes to visit or live in Norway. 

DUF number/date of birth:

What you have to do to see what documents you have to submit

  • You must state your (the applicant’s) citizenship
  • You must answer a few questions about your parent's (the reference person's) situation.

When you have done so, a list will appear that shows all the documents you have to submit with the application.

Remember that you have to click the grey button ‘Select’ in the blue field to move to the next question.

Who is the applicant and who is the reference person?

The applicant is the person who wants to move to Norway or continue living here and who needs a residence permit.

The reference person is the parent living in Norway.

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  • If you hand in your application in Norway, you normally only need to show your passport and hand in the copies.
  • If you hand in your application abroad, you must normally hand in both your passport and the copies. If you need your passport back before you receive an answer to your application, please contact the place where you hand in the application.
  • If your reference person's employer in Norway is going to apply for a residence permit on your behalf, with a written authorisation from you, it is sufficient that the employer hands in a copy of the passport and all your documents.